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Clear Lake Township Park is located off of County Road 8 (River Road) between Highway 24 and Highway 10 on 80th Avenue SE. The Park has a beautiful walking path where you can enjoy a leisurely walk outdoors.

In 2013, a dog park was built. This off-leash dog park is excellent for dog lovers. Please follow the rules & regulations:

All persons enter and enjoy the use of the Clear Lake Township Dog Park at their and their dog’s own risk. The Town of Clear Lake is not responsible for any damages, injuries, or lost items. The Town of Clear Lake is not responsible for lost or escaped dogs. Dog handlers are responsible for checking and securing the fence and gates. Presence in the Dog Park constitutes agreement to all Park rules. Any infraction of the posted rules can result in loss of Dog Park privileges and subject the offender to enforcement and penalties provided by law for violation of Township Ordinances.

1. The Dog Park is only for dogs, their handlers, and those accompanying them, no other animals are allowed. All other use must be approved in advance by the Park Administrator.

2. No more than two dogs per handler are allowed in the area at any given time.

3. If someone is already using the park, handlers must announce that they are bringing in another dog so the other handler is aware of an additional dog entering the park.

4. Dogs must be on-leash when entering/exiting the park area.

5. Aggressive dogs are not allowed — any dog showing signs of aggression must be leashed and removed from the park immediately.

6. If a handler has a dog known to be unpredictable around other dogs, the handler must wait until the park is empty before releasing the dog. If a handler with such a dog is already in the park and someone wants to enter, the handler must notify them to wait until the handler has finished and removed the dog before they enter, for everyone’s safety.

7. Handlers must remain in the park at all times with leash at hand in case a problem arises so they can quickly remove their dog.

8. Handlers must clean up any dog droppings made by their dogs, bag them and deposit in receptacle provided.

9. Handlers must fill in any holes made by their dog.

10. Handlers must not bring human or dog food into the park — this may cause aggressive behavior between dogs.

11. Handlers must not bring toys into the park. Toys in the park may cause dogs to “claim” toys that do not belong to them and lead to aggressive behavior.

12. Female dogs in season are not allowed in the park.

13. Infants and small children are not allowed in the park. Running children may be regarded as prey by strange dogs, or they may feel the urge to protect children they know, causing aggression. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times in or near the vicinity of the Dog Park and must not be allowed to disturb dogs or their handlers using the Dog Park.

14. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations, including rabies, and should be healthy and free of contagious diseases and parasites. Owner/handler must have a certificate of current rabies vaccination when requested by police or community services officer.

15. Puppies under 4 months of age are prohibited. This is for their own protection as well as other dogs, as they may not yet have received all their vaccinations.

16. Handlers must not brush or groom dog inside the Park — it produces loose hair which will cause a mess in the Park.

17. The Park is closed from sunset to sunrise.

18. This is a residential neighborhood. Nuisance barking is prohibited. Dogs guilty thereof shall be removed.

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