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Welcome: Clear Lake Township, Sherburne County, Minnesota

7938 116th Street SE, Clear Lake, MN 55319      Map Location         



Township Location

Physical Address: 7938 116th Street. SE. Clear Lake, MN 55319

Mailing Address: Clear Lake Township, P.O. Box 305, Clear Lake, MN 55319


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The walk-up window at the Clear Lake Townhall 

will be open for visitors on the following day and time:

Thursday, 9:00 AM to 12-Noon.

Clear Lake Township is located in beautiful Sherburne County, Minnesota. Natural amenities such as lakes, trails, parks, a great work force and easy access to major roads make Clear Lake the ideal place to live and work.

The Post Office is located in Clear Lake, therefore your mailing address may be Clear Lake but your property may be in Becker, Haven, Palmer or Santiago Township. If you are unsure, please check your Sherburne County property tax statement before contacting Clear Lake Township.

Information for all permits, animal control, ordinances resolutions and road projects can be found on our Information webpage.

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