Clear Lake Township

Ideal place to live and work.


Building permits, variances, easements, conditional use permits, interim use permits,

MUST all go through Sherburne County Planning & Zoning FIRST:
Sherburne County Planning & Zoning

Burning Permits can be obtained through the City of Clear Lake:  City of Clear Lake

Burning Permits can also be obtained at any DNR Forestry Office or any Fire Warden.

Utility and Driveway Permits:

Utility Permit Form

Driveway Permit Form

Culvert Placement

Engineering Standards

MN Statute 160.2715

If you find a stray dog, do not pick the dog up.  If you pick the dog up, it now becomes your responsibility, not the Township's.  Sherburne County Sheriff

Gopher Bounty - $2 per gopher.  Must bring two front feet for payment.

ORD-2013-007   Ordinance to Combine, Renumber and/or Repeal Previous Ordinances
ORD-2013-006   Ordinance Governing Parks Under the Jurisdiction of Clear Lake Twp
ORD-2011-005    Ordinance Regulating Town Road Rights-of-Way
ORD-2010-004   Ordinance Imposing a Service Charge for Emergency Services
ORD-2003-003   Ordinance Regulating Water Surface Use
ORD-2002-002   Ordinance for Regulation of Dogs and Domestic Animals
ORD-2000-001   Ordinance to Construct, Extend, Operate, Maintain Cable Systems

RES-2015-031 Resolution for Reimbursement to the Twp for Costs From Special Projects

RES-2015-030 Resolution for Snow Removal and Road Maintenance with Palmer Twp

RES-2014-029 Resolution Authorizing Participation in County Economic Development

RES-2014-028 Resolution Establishing a Snow and Ice Control Policy

RES-2013-027 Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Real Property
RES-2013-026 Resolution to Increase Special/Pending Assessment Search Fee
RES-2013-025 Resolution to Transfer Money to a CD for Future New Township Hall Bldg
RES-2013-024 Resolution Adoption of Sherburne County All-Hazard Mitigation Plan

2015 - Seal coat River Oaks, 90th Ave (from CR 8 to CR 55), 67th St (from Big Elk Lake to

            CR 53).

2014 - Seal coat 70th Avenue from County Road 8 to Highway 24, White Farm Estates,

            and River Rose Retreat.  Traffic sign improvement project completed.

2013 - Seal Coat 74th Street, Sherwood Shores and 108th Avenue. Bituminous surfacing

           100th Avenue.  Traffic sign improvement project started.

2012 - 97th Street seal coat, overlay and stripe, 92nd Avenue overlay,

           127th Street overlay, 70th Street bituminous surfacing,

           100th Avenue re-grade and Class 5 Surfacing,

           re-grade and gravel of 80th Avenue North of 72nd Street.

2011 - 38th Avenue/76th Street overlay, 100th Ave. SE drainage improvement,

           90th Avenue sub-grade correction.

2010 - Overlays on 41st Avenue and 37th Avenue, overlay and shouldered 127th Street.

2009 - Overlays on 107th Avenue, 108th Avenue and 70th Street.

2008 - Norm Imholte road 50th Ave. & 75th St., overlays on 86th ave.,

           70th ave. between County roads 57 and 67 and blacktopped 103rd Avenue.

2007 - 103rd paved, 72nd and 70th Avenue.

2006 - Township Park.

2005 - 100th Ave - 97th-90th -77th Street SE -  89th -71st.

2004 - River Oaks - River Rose Retreat.

2003 - Becks road - Edlings -90th Avenue.

2002 - West side Elk Lake - 97th St. and turn around by Hemmingers.

2001 -

2000 - 100th Avenue.

1999 - Mississippi Cedars and turn around 86th Avenue.

1998 - Mississippi Cedars, crack-fill.

For hall rental information, contact Ron Jueneman at:
(320) 743-2052.

 Hall rental winter rates (October thru April) are:
  • Resident: $100
  • Non-Resident: $125
  • Resident w/ Kitchen: $130
  • Non-Resident w/ Kitchen: $160

  Hall rental summer rates (May thru September) are:
  • Resident: $50
  • Non-Resident: $75
  • Resident w/ Kitchen: $85
  • Non-Resident w/ Kitchen: $115

The Township Hall basement may be rented year round for $20 (residents) and $30 (non-residents).

 Enjoy using the town hall but remember:

  • Do Not drag the tables and chairs “lift“ them, and put things back when you are done.       (No tables or chairs are to leave the building or be borrowed.)
  • Wash and put away all dishes and items used.
  • No tape of any kind is to be used on the walls or doors when decorating the hall                 (it takes the finish /paint off). Ticky Tack is recommended.
  • Make sure you turn off the gas line behind the stoves when you are done cooking.
  • Don’t leave anything in the refrigerator.
  • Turn down the heat.
  • Close all the windows.
  • Sweep the floors when you are done.
  • Take “ALL” your garbage home with you when you leave, including stuff from outside.
  • Turn off the fans and all the lights.
  • Shut and lock both doors (front and back) when you leave.